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07/04/2014 - Happy 4th of July! The hiatus from the recent relocation of FLASH SOUND STUDIOS and Chris McDermott's home is nearly over, so be on the look out for the new album to release within the coming months. In conjunction with the release of the new album, we are teaming up with a new publicist to help promote the album using every possible media outlet available.. and it's founder Olivia Dikambi will be working closely with EVE OF RELEASE and Chris McDermott in the coming months to assist with securing media interviews and news articles that will raise public awareness of the new album. We hope the fans will do their part to also spread the word so that we can all acheive a strong independent career.. Because a strong indie career without the time constraints and profit theft of a record label career means better and more abundant music production that we all can enjoy. The more successful EVE OF RELEASE is, the more time will be had to make more music for everybody. Thanks to everyone who already helps spread the music.

01/04/2014 - As of now, two magazines are interested in writing articles about Chris McDermott of EVE OF RELEASE. Topics will range from questions on how Chris survived and got past his addiction problems to how he manages to record all of his music without a band or production team, and even touching on the fact that he plays a right-handed guitar upside-down and backwards because he is left-handed. Check back here for more info once everything is finalized and we will share the names of the magazines so that fans can check them out and show their support for Chris and his music, EVE OF RELEASE.

10/31/2013 - Happy Halloween, Evesters! We have a very special treat this year; a surprise release of the newest music video for the song TELL-TALE. The new video is perfect for the season and will be sure to leave you haunted by it for a long time. Subscribe to the Eve of Release Youtube Channel while you're checking out the new video, and next time you'll be among the first to know when another video is released:

10/29/2013 - We're proud to announce that from mid-October on, 50% of ALL song sales will be donated to the charity "Keep a Child Alive". Chris McDermott had this to say about this huge undertaking... "This is a very important cause and I hope that with the help of our loyal fans, we can raise money that will be used to feed, heal, and generally provide for children who have no one else that can. Being a father myself, I can not imagine how anyone in our world could allow innocent children to starve to death or die because they simply couldn't get antibiotics. It's sickening that in this day-in-age there are still places where this is fact."

10/08/2013 - A golden era begins as the newly relocated FLASH SOUND STUDIOS starts up production again. Stay tuned for more updates and free song downloads as the first full-length studio album by EVE OF RELEASE nears completion.

08/17/2013 - The critically acclaimed song titled THE GREAT BEYOND is released worldwide, a few months ahead of the complete album EVE OF RELEASE LP. Hear it now using the streaming player on this site, or use this link to listen to or download the MP3: The Great Beyond (mp3 format)

08/07/2013 - Finally, by popular demand, EVE OF RELEASE is now available on, where all songs can be downloaded in any format- for any price! Fans who wish to support the production costs of future music can choose to pay whatever they think is fair, but fans who just can't afford it can still get albums and songs free of charge. A very special thanks to those fans who have already been choosing to pay. Your generosity will never be taken for granted. Be sure to look for your name on the inside sleeve of the upcoming album under the "special thanks" credits!

05/31/2013 - The single TELL-TALE, inspired by the great Edgar Allan Poe, is released and can be heard streaming free here on Look for it on the upcoming album EVE OF RELEASE LP for the highest quality version or download the MP3 here: Tell-Tale (mp3 format)

04/16/2013 - ATTENTION FANS!! SPECIAL SHOW ALERT: This Wednesday 4/17/2013 at 2:30pm EST on and, EVE OF RELEASE will be featured on DyingSuperNova's Indie Rock Hour. Tune in to this awesome station who shows us support by spinning us daily with many other excellent indie artists.

03/31/2013 #1 - Happy Easter, Evesters! Following suit with our tradition, here is a special Evester Egg for our amazing fans. The album version of EVEN IF I is available now for free download in MP3 format, sounding better than ever with better drumming, mixing, a string section, and so much more: EVEN IF I

03/31/2013 #2 - Today, we also have another important news story. PROMO EP 1 is officially upgraded to PROMO EP 2, so be sure to download a free copy of the new and improved EP today! PROMO EP 1 will be phased out and eventually abolished, except for fans' rare CD copies.

03/22/2013 - The first promotional video from the upcoming album is released, featuring the song DIVINE with fun "pop-up video" style facts. Visit the VIDEOS section or subscribe to the OFFICIAL EVE OF RELEASE CHANNEL on Youtube.

03/07/2013 - Production of the official music video for the song DIVINE begins.

02/20/2013 - A reminder to all Evesters, check out the Official EVE OF RELEASE Facebook Page and click "Like" to be updated regularly about ever detail of what's happening behind-the-scenes, including free song and video downloads. Visit:

01/14/2013 - Pre-production for the next official music video begins; SPEEDBALL AND CHAIN, which will be the first music video by EVE OF RELEASE to be shot in Full HD quality.

12/05/2012 - The next single SPEEDBALL AND CHAIN from the upcoming album is released wordwide and can be found on Google Play, Reverbnation, or just about any other internet store. Download it free here: Speedball and Chain (mp3 format)

11/14/2012 - The song DIVINE off of the upcoming album will be featured on a compilation being released by GO DIY RECORDS, a record label that is now affiliated with EVE OF RELEASE and FLASH SOUND STUDIOS. Our "Indie" status is still maintained, however, because this affiliation is simply a mutually beneficial partnership, not a recording contract.

09/07/2012 - There's a lot of new playlists featuring a lot of new content to enjoy over at (the official Eve of Release channel), so visit and subscribe today to be in the loop when new footage goes up. Playlists include a new Vlog (video blog) and Clog (concert blog) section, an official music video section, a live performances in high quality section, and more!

06/12/2012 - The first single BURY THE RING of off the upcoming full length album is now available. Hear it streaming free here or on Soundcloud or purchase it in the store section or on Google Play.

05/14/2012 - There's a new contest going on at the Eve of Release page on Facebook called the "1000 LIKES CONTEST". Visit the Blog section to read the full details on how to win a free autographed EP and Eve of Release T-shirt (mens or womens cut).

04/20/2012 - The Eve of Release page on Facebook has been booming with new "likes", gaining at a rate of over 50 "likes" per week. Thanks to all of the fans who have been showing their support! And yes, we just HAD to update the news on 4/20... ;o)

02/23/2012 - The official Eve of Release blog is now up at Visit today to comment, compliment, complain, or simply connect to Chris McDermott.

02/07/2012 - A behind-the-scenes live acoustic rehearsal video of the unreleased song BURY THE RING is now available on the Eve of Release YouTube page.

01/11/2012 - The song titled FEELING MARCH from the upcoming full length album is now available on the mini-album PROMO EP 1, or can be downloaded as a single here: Feeling March (mp3 format)

12/21/2011 - Version 1.0 of the official EVE OF RELEASE Android App is now available and can be downloaded by right-clicking here or from the Freebies section where detailed instructions can be found. Coming soon to the Android Market!

11/24/2011 - All songs and albums can now be found on Google Play for free download directly to your mobile device. The market can be accessed either through the Market App or by visiting Search for EVE OF RELEASE to find the artist download page. Happy Thanksgiving!

10/01/2011 - The official release date of the album titled PROMO EP 1, a five song compilation that can be downloaded free in 320bit MP3 format, or get the free CD (buyer pays shipping) in the Freebies or Store section. Download the ZIP file here: 5 Song Promo EP & Cover Art (mp3)

09/11/2011 - The long awaited single titled DIVINE off of the upcoming album is released and is available for free download here: Divine (mp3 format)

09/01/2011 - The official music video for SENTIMENTAL KEEPSAKE debuts and can be seen here. Also, the final remastered album version of EVEN IF I is released and available for free download here: Even if I (mp3 format)

08/17/2011 - The newly remastered version of SENTIMENTAL KEEPSAKE is released and is available free streaming or as a free download here: Sentimental Keepsake (mp3 format)

06/09/2011 - The new song titled 4:00am ETD off of the upcoming album is released and offered as a free download which can be found here: 4:00am ETD (mp3 format)

04/01/2011 - First printing of the new EVE OF RELEASE shirt is completed and will be made available on the new EVE OF RELEASE website when it's launched in June of 2011

02/01/2011 - The construction of FLASH SOUND STUDIOS is officially wrapped and daily recording sessions are back on the schedule for Eve of Release and Solomon's Labyrinth

12/31/2010 - Chris and Kelli announce the birth of their first child together, Christopher Joss McDermott

06/01/2010 - Construction begins on Chris McDermott's new and improved FLASH SOUND STUDIOS, now located in Croydon, PA














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